Our Model

In partnership with national governments, civil society, the private sector and The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, Together for Girls generates national data illuminating the problem of violence against children and mobilizes support for country-driven efforts for change. Collectively, our partners combine their unique strengths and expertise to ensure a coordinated and robust response.

Together for Girls enables three practical and effective steps:

  1. National surveys and data to document the magnitude, nature and impact of physical, emotional, and sexual violence against children to inform government leaders, civil society and donors.
  2. Evidence-based coordinated policy and program actions in countries to address issues identified through the surveys, including legal and policy reform, improved services for children who have experienced violence and prevention programs.
  3. Global advocacy and public awareness efforts to draw attention to the problem and promote evidence-based solutions.

Building a Multi-Sector Response

Local engagement is a key element contributing to the success of the Together for Girls partnership. The entire process – from the initial discussion about the survey to the development and implementation of a response – is driven locally through government with all constituencies engaged.

These constituencies include multiple government ministries, such as social affairs, health, education, justice, planning and finance, as well as private-sector, non-governmental and development partners.

Together for Girls and our partners are presently engaged in this essential work in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

Below is a snapshot of some of the multi-sector results accomplished by or in collaboration with our country partners.

Examples of Multi-Sector National Response

Click to Enlarge Examples of Multi-Sector National Response


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