5 Things We’re Reading This Week - July 20, 2020

On July 16, the Government of Kenya launched their second Violence Against Children and Youth Survey (VACS) Report. Kenya is one of the first countries to complete the VACS twice, providing an unprecedented opportunity to measure the progress made since the first VACS, as well as highlight areas where renewed efforts to prevent violence are needed. 


Key findings from the new report show that since 2010, childhood sexual violence was reduced in half for females, from 32% to 16% and by 2/3 for males, from 18% to 6%. Additionally, childhood physical violence decreased from 66% to 39% for females, and from 73% to 52% for males. However, any amount of violence is still too high, and the VACS highlights that there is still work to be done. The data shows that about 1 in 2 young adults in Kenya experienced violence as a child, and that only 11% of girls and 3% of boys who experienced sexual violence received the services they need. 


To read more, see below for five news stories that caught our attention this week:

1. Action Urged As National Survey Finds Half Of Kenyan Children Suffer Violence

UNICEF, (July 16, 2020): This press release highlights the recent launch of the Government of Kenya’s second Violence Against Children and Youth Survey report, as well as key findings from the report.

2. Honest Conversations: Stigma And Child Sexual Abuse


Darkness to Light (D2L), (July 16, 2020): This blog highlights the latest in D2L’s “Honest Conversations” series, in which Ashley Davis, Director of Partnerships for D2L, speaks with advocate and facilitator Kevin McNeil about breaking the stigma around child sexual abuse in Black communities.

July 20 - 5 Things We’re Reading This Week (July 20)

3. Who Bears Witness To A Hidden Epidemic?


New York Times, (July 14, 2020): This opinion piece tells the story of the rise in domestic violence during COVID-19 lockdowns through photos of the hotline workers.

4. Using Administrative Data To Design Approaches To School Reopening


The Global Partnership for Education, (July 20, 2020): This blog underlines the importance of utilizing available administrative data for understanding the effect of COVID-19 on the education system and designing context-appropriate approaches to schools reopening.

5. 24 Books About Consent And Bodily Autonomy For Toddlers And Kids


Pop Sugar, (July 18, 2020): This article features a list of books intended to teach toddlers and young kids about consent and bodily autonomy, as a way of helping to keep them safe from abuse.

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