5 Things We’re Reading This Week - May 25, 2020

New reports continue to come out showing the impact of COVID-19 lockdown measures on children. A recent Plan International report highlights the impact of COVID-19 on girls’ education, stating that boys are 1.5 times more likely to own a phone than girls in low and middle-income countries and are 1.8 times more likely to own a smartphone that can access the internet, which means they have more access to remote learning tools. The report also said that at the end of March, around 743 million girls were out of school and many girls may never return to class.


To read more, see below for five news stories that caught our attention this week:

1. In a World ‘So Upside Down,’ the Virus Is Taking a Toll on Young People’s Mental Health

New York Times, (May 20, 2020): This article covers how COVID-19 is taking a toll on young people’s mental health, as they are cut off from school staff members who helped them cope with trauma.

2. As Lockdown Fuels Domestic Abuse, Social Media Users Fight Back


Reuters, (May 19, 2020): This article highlights how many people, including celebrities and social media influencers, are using social media to raise awareness about the heightened risk of domestic violence during lockdowns.

3. Coronavirus Is Killing More Men. But The Lockdown Is Disastrous For Women And Their Rights


CNN, (May 24, 2020): This article covers how COVID-19 lockdown measures are hurting women and their basic rights, as is seen with the spikes in domestic violence and restricted access to family-planning services.

4. Huge FGM Rise Recorded In Somalia During Coronavirus Lockdown


The Guardian, (May 18, 2020): This article explains how the COVID-19 lockdown is leading to a rise in FGM in Somalia, which has the world’s highest FGM rate.

5. COVID-19 Puts Girls at Risk of Unplanned Pregnancies, Violence, and Missing Out on School: Report


Global Citizen, (May 19, 2020): This article highlights a recent report showing that school closures around the world mean girls are more likely to experience violence at home, child marriage, and more.

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