5 Things We’re Reading This Week - October 12, 2020

This past week, we celebrated International Day of the Girl, an important time to reflect on the progress made towards gender equality and redeclare our commitment to advancing the rights of girls everywhere, including the right to live free from violence. Several news stories highlighted new data showing the inequalities that girls and women continue to face. A Plan International report, for example, reveals that more than half (58%) of girls and young women worldwide have been harassed or abused online. The UN Trust Fund’s second assessment shows that the continued economic insecurity and movement restrictions caused by COVID-19 are still driving increased violence against girls and women. In Colombia, for example, reports logged as emergencies increased by 553% according to the Corporacion Con-Vivamos. To help put an end to violence, organizations like Citizens 4 Change are working to keep children safe. By working with the local community, Citizens 4 Change builds a community of “citizen protectors” who are already protecting children from violence and supports them with information to best do so. 


To read more, see below for five news stories that caught our attention this week:

1. UN Trust Fund Assesses COVID-19 Impact On Violence Against Women And Front Line Organizations

UN Women, (October 5, 2020): This story by our partner UN Women highlights the UN Trust Fund’s second assessment on the impact of COVID-19 on violence against women and front line organizations, which underlines the immediate need for resources to support women and girl survivors.

2. The Wisdom Of The Crowd: A New Approach To Ending Violence


The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, (October 2, 2020): This blog draws attention to the great work of Citizens 4 Change, a community-focused organization in East Africa helping to build safe and inclusive societies for children and young people.

3. Angelina Jolie: How The Pandemic Is Hurting Women In A World That Already Didn’t Care About Them


TIME, (October 9, 2020): In this op-ed, Angelina Jolie highlights the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on gains made on gender equality and stresses the importance of defending and promoting women’s rights during this time.

4. Abuse And Harassment Driving Girls Off Facebook, Instagram And Twitter


Plan International, (October 5, 2020): This story draws attention to Plan International’s recent report revealing that a significant number of girls and young women have been harassed or abused online, driving them out of online spaces and limiting their freedom of expression.

5. 5 Ways The World Has Gotten Better For Women & Girls — And 5 Ways It Hasn’t


Global Citizen, (October 6, 2020): This article highlights the ways in which the world has become a safer and better place for women and girls in the 25 years since the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, and also points to the problems that women and girls still face today.

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