Together for Girls Stakeholder Report 2019-2021


Highlighting three years of our partnership’s achievements

Together for Girls is proud to share “Building a Safer World,” our 2019-2021 Stakeholder Report. This report highlights three years of global collaboration as a partnership, generating quality data, raising awareness of solutions and galvanizing change. 


With the increased risks of violence against children during COVID-19 and beyond, our partnership’s mission is more urgent than ever. However, the results of our collective effort demonstrate that when we work together, we can successfully respond to global challenges that once seemed insurmountable.

The power of partnership

The Together for Girls partnership made incredible progress in the past three years. The evidence is clear: There is strength in numbers. By working together, across sectors, we can break the cycle of violence against children and adolescents and build back a safer world for generations to come.


Explore the report to learn more about our shared progress. 

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Highlights from 2019-2021

– To date, Violence Against Children and Youth Surveys were conducted in 23 countries, providing data on nearly 11% of the world’s children, adolescents and youth.

– We launched What Works to Prevent Sexual Violence Against Children. This is the world’s first evidence-based review to assess interventions, programs and policies proven to reduce sexual violence. 

– Our secondary analyses of Violence Against Children and Youth Survey data uncovered new insights into the complexities and nuances of school-related gender-based violence.

– Together for Girls continued to amplify the voices of adult survivors, creating new alliances to end childhood sexual violence through prevention, healing and justice.

– Our partnership developed new and specific guidance for how to implement the Violence Against Children and Youth Surveys in humanitarian settings.

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