Request for proposals: Brave Movement Website design, development + support

Background about Brave Movement:

Sexual violence against children and adolescents (SVAC) is one of the largest silent pandemics of our time. It is a problem that festers in homes, online, and in communities in every country in the world. Children are exposed to sexual violence in multiple forms: child sexual abuse, intra-familial sexual violence, child sexual exploitation, rape, child marriage, sexual violence in
dating relationships, and sexual violence among peers. Child marriage affects millions of girls, and abuse occurs in local communities, schools, sports programs, places of worship, and online.

The Brave Movement, launched in March 2022, is emerging as an inclusive, survivor-led movement of survivors and allies, dedicated to catalyzing advocacy and campaigns to end childhood sexual violence, everywhere, as fast as possible. The Brave Movement is intended to catalyze locally-led, regionally coordinated, and globally aligned advocacy and campaigning.

Our approach has two main strategies: (1) elevating and supporting survivor voices and leadership and (2) supporting national, regional, and global international movement building and aligned, coordinated advocacy and campaigning.

Scope of work:

For 2022 and beyond, the Brave Movement’s is prioritizing the upgrade and development of the website that will also serve as a digital solutions action hub to provide resources and tools to support survivor engagement and movement building. The Brave Movement is looking to commission an agency to design and build our site and support architecture and navigation on secure, open source technology of either WordPress or Craft.

The developer commissioned for the website build will also take on the support and maintenance with assured SLAs and iterative custom developments to further support campaigns and SEO. Interested parties are invited to submit proposals by Friday, 14 October, to [email protected] incorporating the following:

● Detailed explanation of choice of Craft or WordPress and the advantages of the particular Content Management System selected.
● Analysis of user journey and discovery phase based on interviews with 5-7 key users and movement priorities, navigation needs and backend architecture, including search, archives and gated content.
● Integrate plug-ins of the survivor helpline and interactive map for optimal functionality for users in the upgraded website
● Addition of capabilities for a photo gallery, video blocks and podcasts
● The website needs to have the ability to be easily scaled over time by the Brave Communications Team as the Movement grows and develops
● The website should be an engagement, campaign and interactive tool for Brave members, policy makers, partners and the general public
● Timeline for the development phase including design based on current branding
● Proposed budget (with a guiding range between US$70K-$100K, including proposed maintenance contract, hosting and Brave Movement staff training for handover)
● Company profile and portfolio
● Availability and commitment according to the expected deliverables
● Proposed support and maintenance agreement including indicative costs, hours per month, conditions of unused hours and any development costs outside of the support and maintenance agreement and average response times to requests for support.

The agency must design and deliver a secure, fully responsive mobile site with a clean codebase. A separate support and maintenance contract should be proposed and agreed for the website with a competitive and flexible retainer agreement for ongoing development.



The Brave Movement would like to conclude the build by mid-December.
● 5 October: RfP for website build is finalized and shared
● 14 October 2022: Deadline for proposals
● 28 October 2022: The Brave Movement will commission an agency for website build.
● 9 November 2022: Website build begins
● 16 January 2023: New website launches
● 20 February 2023: Debugging period for testing


Agency profile:

Brave Movement is looking for an agency with the following skills and experience to optimize accessibility:
● Solid experience designing and developing websites in open source technologies
● Strong knowledge and solid experience of ensuring website and server security

● Proven experience working with INGOs and charities with a strong familiarity in international development content, and an understanding of site optimization for low bandwidth users and the knowledge of scaling up multilingual websites
● Experience developing websites which aim to engage survivors and allies
● Strong knowledge of on and off-page SEO and proven experience developing websites that have high levels of public engagement and encourage social media integration
● UX specialists, highly capable of understanding and meeting end users needs with intuitive user journeys and suitable technical solutions
● Solid experience and in-depth working knowledge of implementing and optimizing Tag Manager
● Integration of Google Analytics
● A genuine interest in Brave Mission’s mission and values
● Availability and commitment to deliver the expected outputs as outlined above


Selection process:

The proposal should (i) clearly establish an understanding of the services required and separate out activities according to the website build; (ii) describe how the company engages with its clients: what processes they follow and requirements they have regarding timelines, rates, requests, sign-off and payments; (iii) provide a standard SLA; and (iv) include bios of the team of (programers and designers) assigned to the work, the timetable and the financial proposal.

The proposals received will be panel-evaluated according to the following criteria:

a. Profile of the company + experience of the team 25%;

b. The proposed approach to the services, timeline + activities of the build 25%

c. Pricing 25%;

d. Support + maintenance contact post-launch 25%

The web development agency can be based in any location. Any questions and the final proposal should be sent to: [email protected]. Please mention “Website RFP” in the subject line.