Request for proposals: Website design, development and support

Published 11 May, 2022


Interested parties must see the full Request for Proposals


TfG is looking to commission an agency to design and build our site on secure, open source technology, preferably Drupal or Craft, with the aim to launch the new website end of August 2022. 


A full discovery phase has been completed, with a comprehensive blueprint of the site’s core structural definitions and indicative wireframing. 


A separate support and maintenance contract must be offered and agreed for the website, and a competitive and flexible retainer agreement for ongoing development.


The proposals received will be panel-evaluated according to the following criteria: a. Profile of the company + experience of the team 25%; b. The proposed approach to the services, timeline + activities of the build 25% c. Pricing 25%;  d. Support + maintenance contact post-launch 25%


Interested parties are invited to review the full Request For Proposals and submit all the required documentation to [email protected] Deadline: Monday 23 May, 2022