New Storytelling Hub: Violence Against Children is Preventable. Change is Possible.

Kenya Stories of Progress

To commemorate the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse today, we are delighted to launch our new Kenya storytelling hub. Propelled by the first Violence Against Children and Youth Survey (VACS) in 2010, Kenya raised awareness, mobilized resources, and prioritized a decade of action to end violence against children. The results from the second VACS, launched earlier this year, show that these efforts paid off. Change is possible.


But we know that lasting change doesn’t come from one actor or one sector alone. It takes data-driven policies, evidence-based solutions, powerful partnerships, and amazing individual action.

Click through the hub to learn more about the data and meet the inspiring individuals who are working every day to create lasting change in Kenya. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter throughout the 16 Days of Activism as we share more!

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