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A comprehensive assessment by the WePROTECT Global Alliance from 2018 found that online child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA) is the most insidious form of modern cybercrime and one of the most challenging forms of CSEA to prevent and address.

WePROTECT founder Baroness Joanna Shields on Preventing Child Abuse and Exploitation @ WePROTECT Summit, Abu Dhabi – Nov. 2015

In response to the growing issue of online CSEA, WePROTECT Global Alliance engaged in a consultative process with an array of stakeholders across sectors to develop the Model National Response to Preventing and Tackling CSEA (MNR), which details the capabilities required across all stakeholders — government, law enforcement agencies, industry, and civil society — to coordinate the development of comprehensive national action. 


The MNR articulates key capabilities and outcomes across six arenas and constituencies, including policy and governance, criminal justice, victims, society, industry, and media and communications. Taken as a whole, these capabilities address the spectrum of intervention, from prevention efforts focused on awareness-raising and education to service provision to response, conviction, and offender management. 

In addition to detailing best practices and approaches and desired outcomes, the MNR describes the “enablers” required as a foundation for success, including cross-sector, multidisciplinary collaboration; adequate financial and human resources; a supportive reporting environment with adequate training and awareness-raising for service providers; and legal and policy frameworks undergirded by a functioning justice system. 

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This spotlight was pulled from “What Works to Prevent Sexual Violence Against Children,” a systematic review of proven solutions and best practices to prevent and respond to sexual violence against children and youth (SVAC). The review was completed in collaboration with a group of experts and allied organizations and highlights evidence-based solutions from around the world. Read the whole set of #SVSolutions Program Spotlights here.

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