5 Things We’re Reading This Week - March 16, 2020

This week, as the world battles uncertainty in the midst of COVID-19, we saw an increase in coverage on how it can affect women in particular. Read below for five news stories that caught our attention this week:

1. Sexual Assault is a Consequence of How Society is Organized


The Hill (March 11, 2020): In this opinion piece, the author discusses an important conversation missing from national discourse about sexual assault on campus and beyond: prevention.

2. Why the Coronavirus Outbreak Could Hit Women Hardest


TIME (March 12, 2020): This TIME piece highlights the reasons why COVID-19 could hit women the hardest, from needing to stay at home with children to holding jobs in industries with poor protections.

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3. Women’s Domestic Burden Just Got Heavier with the Coronavirus


The Guardian (March 16, 2020): This Guardian article explains how millions of women will have more household work to do as Coronavirus spreads. The author refers to studies showing that the bulk of household chores in heterosexual couples is borne by women.

4. Nationwide Strike Highlights Soaring Violence Against Women In Mexico


NPR (March 9, 2020): This NPR episode covers the nationwide strike by women in Mexico to protest the country’s high rate of violence against women and girls.

5. ‘Big Mouth’ Creators On Embracing The Awkwardness Of Puberty


NPR (March 12, 2020): For a more lighthearted read, this NPR “Life Kit” episode features an interview with the creators of Netflix’s Big Mouth, an animated comedy that externalizes the turmoil of puberty. Referencing Brené Brown’s messages around shame and silence, the show creators seek to show kids that what happens during puberty is not wrong or shameful, which can lead to healthier relationships with themselves and others.

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