Our team

Roz Pen

Digital Communications Advisor

Roz Pen is the Digital Communications Advisor at Together for Girls. She has been digitally storytelling for 15 years, creating SEO content and crafting data-driven user journeys for charity accelerators, NGOs and fintech startups. Roz has delivered expansive communications projects for international organizations such as IPPF and Transparency International.

She holds a BA (Hons.) in English Literature and an MA Digital Media from the University of Sydney. Passionate about empowering women through education she also holds a TESOL from Trinity College to teach English to marginalized communities.

  • Title of a book that changed your life: The art of smart thinking by James Hardt

  • A quote that inspires you: "And sometimes you find yourself back where you started, but stronger." Yrsa Daley-Ward

  • A podcast you can’t stop thinking about: The moth

  • Favorite part of your job: working with an open-minded team

  • One word to describe Together for Girls: Passionate