Prevention, healing, and justice: a survivor-centred framework for ending violence against women and children


  • Daniela Ligiero headshot new
    Daniela Ligiero

    Chief Executive Officer & President, Together for Girls

  • Brisa de Angulo
    Brisa de Angulo

    CEO and Founder, Breeze of Hope Foundation, and Co-founder, Brave Movement

  • Grace gatera
    Grace Gatera

    Commissioner on the Lancet Commission on Gender Based Violence and the Maltreatment of Young People

Violence against women and children is a grave violation of human rights, impacting one-third of women globally and nearly 1 billion children annually. Violence can have severe consequences, including injuries, disabilities, and death.

The prevalence and far-reaching effects of this violence necessitate urgent and comprehensive action. Among the internationally accepted global frameworks seeking to tackle this issue, the central concepts of prevention and response have guided actions against both forms of violence. However, this approach falls short in crucial ways.

The global Brave Movement, launched in 2022, builds on the work of survivor advocates and puts forward a new, comprehensive framework for action that encompasses prevention, healing, and justice.

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