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NOVEMBER 22, 2017 – Creating Strength in Numbers to End Violence Against Women & Girls (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

AUGUST 21, 2017 – Data and Information Driving Gender Equality (Women Deliver)

JULY 18, 2017 – Breaking the Silence: Women Helping Other Women (Huffington Post)

JULY 14, 2017 – INSPIRE: Breaking The Cycle Of Violence (Huffington Post)

JUNE 26, 2017 – Data for Development: The Case for Information, Not Just Data (Council on Foreign Relations)

APRIL 4, 2017 – Hamna Tariq ’20 Spoke at CSW Conference at the UN (The Trinity Tripod)


OCTOBER 7, 2016 – International Day Of The Girl: Every Hour Matters (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

JULY 12, 2016 – WHO, Other Groups Seek to Reduce Violence Against Kids (Voices of America)


OCTOBER 9, 2015 – CDC Supports UN Agenda To End Violence Against Children (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

OCTOBER 9, 2015 – Women and Girls Lead Sustainable Development for All (The Huffington Post)

JULY 23, 2015 – NGOs: End Childhood Violence (Voice of America)

JANUARY, 2015 – Partnering for a Future Without Violence Against Children (Global Health & Diplomacy)


JANUARY 2018 – Forging Onward: A Letter from Our CEO


OCTOBER 2017 – New Look, New Site, Same Mission!

JULY 2017 – Together for Girls July Updates

JUNE 2017 – Looking Forward to Women Deliver 2019!

MAY 2017 – Together for Girls Updates: TfG Awarded by World Bank

FEBRUARY 2017 – Together for Girls and PAHO Host Latin America Regional Meeting