Meet Together for Girls’ 16 Heroes

By Daniela Ligiero, CEO Together for Girls

December 7, 2016

Heroes: they come in all forms. They come to us under the guise of “survivor,” of “friend,” of “advocate.” And nowadays, more than ever, it seems everyone in the world could use a hero.

Here at Together for Girls, we deal with data. The data tells us critical information like the scope and scale of the problem of violence, who is most vulnerable and where, and which interventions are succeeding. But when it comes to violence — especially against children and women — we know that the numbers can seem overwhelming, and sometimes, insurmountable.

That’s why, each year, Safe Magazine honors the achievements of a small-but-mighty sampling of the world’s most influential heroes dedicated to ending violence. These heroes show us that tackling global problems starts with individual action. With hard work, advocacy, evidence-based solutions, and a big dose of bravery, eradicating violence is, in fact, possible.

This year, during the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, we celebrate 16 heroes from 16 very different walks of life with 16 very different identities and 16 unique stories. From students to journalists to rappers to American vice-presidents, our #16Heroes showcase a global truth: while no one is safe from violence, compassion and integrity also know no boundaries.

These heroes have survived massacre, acid attack, rape and torture. They have lost family members, spouses and friends. But they know that true courage cannot be stifled. They continue to speak out against aggressors, to write legislation to protect the innocent, to build safe havens for victims, and to fearlessly tell their stories. We are so thankful they shared those stories with us, and we hope you will be too.

We encourage you to join forces with these 16 remarkable heroes. Keep the stories going. Share what you learn here and share your own story with your friends and community. Spread the bravery and inspiration so that we can say: together, we created a safer world for all.

Daniela Ligiero, CEO Together for Girls