All: What explains childhood violence? Micro correlates from Violence Against Children and Youth Surveys

Child abuse neglect journal
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Cross-time comparison of adverse childhood experience patterns among Kenyan youth: Violence Against Children and Youth Surveys, 2010 and 2019

Kenya school related gender based violence
Fact sheets

Kenya: School-related gender-based violence fact sheet

Data on school-related gender-based violence in Kenya.

Bmc public health
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Disclosure, reporting, and help seeking among child survivors of violence: A cross country analysis

This study explores the rarely studied prevalence and dynamics around disclosure, reporting, and help seeking behaviours of children who ever experienced physical and/or sexual violence.

Global public health journal
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Early sexual debut: A multi-country, sex-stratified analysis in sub-Saharan Africa

This article examines the outcomes associated with early sexual debut in five sub-Saharan African countries for males and females, separately.

Kenya II country fact sheet 2019
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Kenya Violence Against Children and Youth Survey (VACS) fact sheet 2020 (data collection 2019)

An overview of the data found in Kenya's 2020 Violence Against Children and Youth Survey (VACS) report.

Kenya vacs 2020
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Kenya Violence Against Children and Youth Survey (VACS) report 2020 (data collection 2019)

Explore the data in Kenya's Violence Against Children and Youth Survey (VACS) report.

National Action Plans

National prevention and response plan on violence against children in Kenya 2019-2023

The Kenyan government has developed a national prevention and response plan (2019-2023) that aims to reduce violence against children prevalence by 40 percent.

Protecting children against violence
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Kenya protecting children against violence: Child friendly booklet

This booklet will give you the tools you need to help SPOT and STOP violence in your home, school and community! You’ll learn the different ways that kids experience violence, and what they, their families, communities, and YOU can do.

Lessons from Tanzania Report cover
Case study

Lessons learned from the Together for Girls Partnership in Tanzania

Groundbreaking country-led action from a decade of the partnership’s collective work in Tanzania.

Every hour matters youth engagement toolkit Kenya
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Every hour matters youth engagement toolkit Kenya

This youth engagement toolkit is a unique new resource created for the campaign. It includes key messages and organizing tools designed specifically to guide youth-led organizations in delivering vital information on post-rape care to the youth populations they serve in the form of educational workshops.

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Effects of poly-victimization before age 18 on health outcomes in young Kenyan adults: Violence Against Children and Youth Survey

This study explores the collective effects of childhood sexual, physical, and emotional violence on selected self-reported health outcomes among young Kenyan females and males using the Violence Against Children Survey (VACS).

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Missed treatment opportunities and barriers to comprehensive treatment for sexual violence survivors in Kenya: A mixed methods study

This study compares the characteristics of survivors who present for healthcare to those of survivors reporting violence on national surveys; understand the healthcare services provided to survivors; and, identify barriers to treatment.