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Illustration: Mariam ElReweny
Illustration: Mariam ElReweny

Our values

Everyone, including children and adolescents, has the right to live free from violence. We all have a role to play in making this a reality.

United in our commitment to end the global crisis of sexual violence against children, Together for Girls partners work across sectors, disciplines, and geographies. Our values provide a shared understanding of how we can work together to create a safer world.

Together for Girls strives to create an agile, courageous, collaborative, empathetic, and respectful culture. We aspire to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our partnership. We hold ourselves accountable for our values by integrating them throughout our work.

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To achieve our vision of a safer world, we must have an agile approach to our work. We seek to prioritize ongoing learning and commit to creating a culture that is flexible and open to incorporating innovative solutions, ideas, and tools in order to advance our work.

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We’ve seen the power of a voice speaking out to shatter silence and fight for truth. We've witnessed the ripple effect of courage, inspiring others to take action.

Our partnership seeks to amplify brave survivor voices dismantling the harmful stigma around sexual violence. We aim to equip leaders and decision-makers to take bold action that can create a safer world.

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Inclusivity and collaboration drive our mission to end sexual violence; only by working together across sectors can we address this multi-faceted issue.

We approach collaboration with humility, knowing that we do not know everything and can learn from the expertise and experiences of others.

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Our partnership recognizes and appreciates each other as whole people. To foster an empathetic culture, we strive to build and maintain psychological safety, trust, and accountability. We seek to embody empathy through our work.

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Respect is central to our mission at Together for Girls. We choose to create a culture of respect for ourselves and for others, including our peers and partners. We seek to show respect in the way we interact, treat each other’s time, and build relationships.

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Diversity, equity and inclusion

Throughout the partnership, we have a collective commitment to integrated values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. These values are fundamental to the change we want to create through the Together for Girls partnership and underpin our work.