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Together for Girls and the Brave Movement awarded $100,000 USD by World Childhood Foundation to break new ground to prevent sexual violence against children

7th March 2024

This new investment will contribute to Together for Girls’ and the Brave Movement’s mission to push boundaries in our work to ensure prevention, healing and justice for children and survivors.

Washington, D.C., March 7, 2024 – Together for Girls, a global partnership dedicated to ending violence against children and adolescents, and the Brave Movement, a survivor-centered global movement campaigning to put an end to sexual violence against children, have received a 100,000 USD grant from World Childhood Foundation to strengthen its work to prevent sexual violence against children around the world.

This grant will support key pillars of Together for Girls’ and Brave’s work, including advocating for a safer internet for children, addressing the gap in global data on sexual violence against children, expanding Brave’s regional platforms around the world with the aim of building political will to drive lasting change.

We are immensely grateful to World Childhood Foundation for their support of Together for Girls and the Brave Movement as we expand our work to create a world free from sexual violence for all children”, said President and CEO of Together for Girls and Brave Movement Founder Dr. Daniela Ligiero. “For over two decades, Her Majesty Queen Silvia and World Childhood Foundation have been trailblazers in the fight to put an end to sexual violence against children globally. We look forward to continuing our partnership towards creating a safer world for children”.

World Childhood Foundation, founded by Her Majesty Queen Silvia in 1999, was one of the first organizations working to put child sexual abuse on the global agenda. Today, it continues to work on increasing awareness of child sexual abuse and support initiatives with the power to create long-term, sustainable change in children’s lives.

Last year, Dr. Daniela Ligiero was honored at the World Childhood Foundation USA gala for her contribution to elevating survivor voices and creating a global movement to protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation through both Together for Girls and the Brave Movement.

“We embrace and encourage this new and powerful movement. It puts the spotlight on survivors’ perspectives and gives hope for real change. What Together for Girls and the Brave Movement want to accomplish is aligned with what Childhood works to achieve, which is why we are so happy to form this partnership”, Paula Guillet de Monthoux, World Childhood Foundation Secretary General.

Sexual violence affects 1 in 9 boys and 1 in 4 girls before their eighteenth birthday in every country around the world. It is one of the largest silent pandemics of our time. We must ensure that childhood sexual violence is seen as a systemic issue and that evidence-based, effective solutions are in the hands of leaders with the political will to drive action towards ending this global scourge.

With this support from World Childhood Foundation, Together for Girls and the Brave Movement will continue their work to shatter the silence around sexual violence, shape global and national policy agendas to drive lasting change and create innovative partnerships to break new ground in the fight to end childhood sexual violence.

About Together for Girls
Ending violence against children cannot be solved by a single actor or sector alone. Together for Girls is a global partnership working to end sexual violence against children and adolescents. Active in over 20 countries, Together for Girls unites actors that often do not work together, including national governments, United Nations entities, the private sector, civil society, and survivors. Through data and advocacy, Together for Girls drives action to break cycles of violence and ensure prevention, healing, and justice.

About the Brave Movement
Hosted by Together for Girls, the Brave Movement is a survivor-led global movement campaigning to end childhood sexual violence. It is led by 14 powerful survivors and allied partners. It is demanding bold and transformative action to mobilize billions for programs focused on prevention, healing and justice worldwide, abolish statutes of limitation in every nation, and create a safer internet for children.

About World Childhood Foundation
Childhood prevents child sexual abuse. They do this in partnership with passionate pioneers, grassroots organizations, companies, foundations, and other actors who share their vision of a world where no child is sexually abused. They invest in innovations, methods and partnerships that strengthen protection and reduce risks for particularly vulnerable groups. They engage in advocacy and increase knowledge and awareness of child sexual abuse. They create long-term and sustainable change. Their work is based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and aligned to the Global Goals 5, 16 and 17. Childhood was founded in 1999 by Queen Silvia of Sweden.

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