Members of Brave Movement Kenya hold a banner that says "Brave Movement to End Childhood Sexual Violence."
Brave Movement Kenya commemorating Day of the African Child 2022 under the theme “Eliminating Harmful Practices Affecting Children: Progress on Policy & Practice since 2013.”
Brave Movement Kenya commemorating Day of the African Child 2022 under the theme “Eliminating Harmful Practices Affecting Children: Progress on Policy & Practice since 2013.”
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Brave Movement

The Brave Movement is a survivor-centered global movement campaigning for the right of all children and adolescents to live a life in safety and dignity, free from sexual violence. Led by a diverse group of survivor leaders from around the world, who are all co-founders of the Brave Movement, the SAGE (Survivor Advocates Globally Empowered) is at the heart of the brave movement.

Sexual violence against children and adolescents is the silent scourge of our time, threatening the safety and protection of children and adolescents everywhere. Brave Movement survivors and allies demand bold and transformative action from local, regional and global leaders to end childhood sexual violence.

Our survivor-centered movement is focused on advocacy for evidence-based powerful public policy solutions and campaigns to fundamentally shift societal norms, eradicating survivor stigma, and breaking the silence that enables sexual violence to continue. Together we demand prevention, healing and justice.

The Brave Movement launched in 2022 and is proudly hosted by Together for Girls, and works with members, allies and partners throughout the world.

SAGE (Survivor Advocates Globally Empowered)

Led by a diverse group of survivor leaders from around the world, who are all co-founders of the Brave Movement, the SAGE (Survivor Advocates Globally Empowered) is at the heart of the brave movement.

Brisa de Angulo
"I want to use my story to ensure that no other child has to suffer the atrocities that I suffered. I joined this movement because as survivors we are infinitely stronger when we unite. I hope to elevate the perspectives and experiences of survivors from around the world and to celebrate the tremendous diversity of the global community. Together we form a powerful community for healing and change, and we give one another the courage and vision to continue creating pathways of hope around the world. I dream of a world where all children grow up in loving, nurturing families, and communities." Brisa De Angulo, Esq psychologist, human rights lawyer, and CEO, A Breeze of Hope, Co-founder, Brave Movement

Brisa de Angulo

CEO and Founder, Breeze of Hope Foundation, and Co-founder, Brave Movement
Daniela with chilhood pic

Daniela Ligiero

CEO and President, Together for Girls, and Co-founder and Global Steering Group Chair, Brave Movement
Elsa Marie D Silva
"Only in a global movement can we be effective - through learning, sharing, and solidarity - to take on this huge complex social issue. Given the widespread proportions of violence perpetrated globally, it is impossible for any one of us or our organizations to end the violence. But together we are stronger and can inspire global change - we can influence policy, place this important issue front and centre on government agendas and unlock much needed resources to support grassroots work. I am thrilled to be part of this community and movement; I love the cohort who are all inspirational." ElsaMarie D’Silva Founder, Red Dot Foundation SafeCity, Co-founder, Brave Movement, Vice Chair, SAGE

ElsaMarie D’Silva

Founder, Red Dot Foundation and Co-founder, Brave Movement and Vice-chair, SAGE
Florence Keya
"I am very attached to this issue as I know what it feels like to be able to speak up and get support. The Brave Movement came at the right time. It steals my heart and is like being with friends, and not working in solitude. This is an opportunity to share inspiring stories of brave people. These voices will bring change and connect the world to break the silence around sexual violence against children and adolescents. Together with like-minded people I will be able to better help the children and adolescents in my country. I feel energized and empowered: I am ready to go!" Florence Keya Founder, Maisha Girls, Co-founder Brave Movement

Florence Keya

Founder, Maisha Girls and Co-founder, Brave Movement
Janet Aguti
"Sexual violence against children and adolescents is a reality and people need to accept that. I strongly believe that through the Brave Movement I can speak out and be heard and believed. I see the movement as a speakerphone for my voice to be heard at its loudest speaking out against sexual violence, confident that I have the support of Brave and its allies. My hope for the future is that a child in Uganda can stand up without fear and have the strength to speak out about what is happening to them. People should be able to achieve their dreams and live free from harm." Janet Aguti, Founder, Totya Platform, Co-founder, Brave Movement

Janet Aguti

Founder, Totya Platform, and Co-founder, Brave Movement
Bob Shilling
"The Brave Movement is the best chance I’ve seen in a long time to tackle this issue by working together - it’s a real opportunity to talk about sexual abuse and the epidemic that it is from the view of everyday people. As survivors, we can have a significant impact. Hope is the key; if you quit hoping, you quit fighting, and if you quit fighting, you lose. We're not about to lose." Robert Shilling Ret. Det. INTERPOL Specialists Group on Crimes against Children, Co-founder, Brave Movement

Bob Shilling

Co-Founder, Brave Movement and Former Head of Crimes Against Children, INTERPOL
Miguel Hurtado
"This issue has many angles with the statute of limitations being just one, which is the biggest loophole ever through which predators can navigate and be protected by impunity. There is no global standard around justice for survivors of sexual abuse, but through this global community of fellow activists we can put pressure on governments and push for the complete abolition of criminal and civil statute of limitations worldwide. Once you change the law it becomes permanent, it is there forever. It is also self-executing as individuals can seek justice through the law without any further government action. Effective access to justice is critical, and should not depend on a zip code." Miguel Hurtado, author, activist, child psychiatrist, Co-founder, Brave Movement

Miguel Hurtado

Child psychiatrist, Activist, and Co-Founder, Brave Movement
Mie Kohiyama
"I joined the Brave movement because it is a unique chance for survivors to join forces in the world to end childhood sexual violence. Together we are strong. Together we are not alone anymore, feeling ashamed and guilty. Together we can be a driving force to foster a better and a safer world for children and adolescents." Author, advocate, and Co-founder, BeBrave France, Co-founder, Brave Movement

Mie Kohiyama

Co-founder, Brave Movement
Rosalia Rivera

Rosalia Rivera

Founder, CONSENTparenting™, TEDx speaker, and Brave Movement Co-founder and SAGE Chair
S Caroline Taylor
"When I was contacted to join the Brave Movement I was so thoroughly excited to accept. I have absolutely dreamed that someone would invest as a true philanthropist to endorse a survivor-led movement to enable this ground-breaking platform; to care enough about survivors. This is an opportunity to establish and craft a global platform of our choosing, built with our passion for every child so that we leave no one behind. Through our global reach we can advance our passion to address abuse in all its dreadful forms, and be the voice that is needed for those who don’t yet have one, for those whom no one has wanted to know about. It’s time for politicians and leaders to be brave so that they can deliver enhanced and improved agendas and ensure legal reform that is so critically needed. This issue is crushed by the weight of silence - not words - and through Brave it is my obligation to fill that silence and advocate for every child. I’m armed with a voice and I'm not going to keep quiet, I know too much to walk away from this issue to live peacefully. I want survivors everywhere to know that we can be affected by what was done to us but we are not determined by it. And that life can be made beautiful regardless of where we are made to start from." Professor S. Caroline Taylor AM Academic Advisor, Interpol’s Specialist Group on Crimes Against Children, and Founder, Professor Caroline Taylor Foundation, Co-founder, Brave Movement, Chair, SAGE

S. Caroline Taylor AM

Professor Caroline Taylor Foundation, Founder, Brave Movement Co-Founder and Chair, SAGE
Suresh Chhetry
"I am happy and honoured to be a part of the Brave Movement. I want people to not have to go through what I went through. Sharing our stories publicly can have a massive impact. The Brave Movement will inspire and encourage people to share their story, helping to normalise their experience and to not feel alone. Every child should experience kindness, feel safe, and to have access to education. Teaching children important life skills helps them to grow into better adults. Together we can bring about drastic change, it will be an opportunity to share knowledge and help people heal." Suresh Chhetry, Founder and President of Shiva Shakti Youth Club, Co-founder, Brave Movement

Suresh Chhetry

Country Director, Healing Together Nepal, and Co-founder, Brave Movement
Tabitha Mpamira
“ Being a part of the Brave Movement is a chance to have a community that understands exactly what I went through. To be with people who share my passion for ending sexual violence and commitment to do everything in our power to ensure that it ends with us.” Tabitha Mpamira, Founder, Mutera Global Healing, Co-founder, Brave Movement, Vice Chair, SAGE

Tabitha Mpamira

Co-founder, Brave Movement, Vice-chair, SAGE, and Founder, Mutera Global Healing
Rhiannon faye
“For so long I felt very alone, I knew that countless other victims and survivors were out there, but I didn’t know any of them and never experienced the kind of peer support that I now know is invaluable in our recovery journeys. I am proud to be part of the Brave Movement because I want victims and survivors around the world to see that they are not alone and not powerless - we have power and influence in our collective voices and we are fighting, both with them and for them, to end child sexual abuse.” Rhiannon-Faye McDonald Head of Advocacy, Marie Collins Foundation, Co-founder Brave Movement


Head of Advocacy, Marie Collins Foundation, and Co-founder, Brave Movement

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