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An opportunity for groundbreaking justice at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

24th March 2022

Next week, on March 29-30, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACtHR) will hear the groundbreaking case of Brisa De Angulo Losada v. Bolivia. The outcome of this case will have far-reaching impacts for child survivors of sexual violence in the Americas and set a precedent for expanding jurisprudence on sexual violence against children around the world.

Unlike the majority of cases of sexual violence against children and adolescents, Brisa’s case is now before the highest court in the region. The hearing next week will be the first time the IACtHR will hear a case pertaining to the human rights violations of an adolescent survivor of incest. It will be a critical moment to set a legal precedent throughout the Americas that we can — and must — end sexual violence against children and adolescents and ensure prevention, healing, and justice for survivors.

“I decided that I would use my life and everything that I had to be to others what no one was to me.”

Brisa is a survivor, attorney, and founder and CEO of A Breeze of Hope Foundation in Bolivia, which ensures that survivors of childhood sexual violence can access health services and legal assistance. In addition to her work as a human rights activist, Brisa also serves as a founding member of the Brave Movement and is a Together for Girls Safe Hero. For more than two decades, she has shown a tireless dedication to ending sexual violence against children.

We proudly #StandWithBrisa #EstamosConBrisa and all survivors courageously speaking out for justice. Please join us and support the campaign.

Brisa De Angulo

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