What works to prevent sexual violence against children: Evidence review

Together for Girls, in partnership with The Equality Institute and the Oak Foundation, undertook a systematic review of proven solutions and best practices to prevent and respond to sexual violence against children and young people.

Published in 2019, the review was completed in collaboration with a group of experts and allied organizations, highlighting evidence-based solutions from around the world, including a girls' empowerment initiative in India, justice reform in Guatemala, and a school-based education program in the United States.

We chose to adopt a social-ecological framework, adapted specifically for childhood sexual violence — taking into account various dimensions from the individual to the societal context — as an effective way to understand both the problem and effective solutions.

What works to prevent sexual violence against children: Evidence review

Interventions listed in this package will need to be adapted to meet a country or community’s specific conditions and characteristics. For further guidance on implementation considerations see the INSPIRE framework (page 82-90).

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