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Safe Futures Hub: Solutions to End Childhood Sexual Violence

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The Safe Futures Hub will transform the response to ending childhood sexual violence. Through our work, we will create an open space to access, generate, and implement solutions to preventing childhood sexual violence. Safe Futures unites all of us working around the world to create a safer future for children, including advocates, strategists, policymakers, frontline workers, and youth voices.

Safe Futures is designed to meaningfully include underrepresented perspectives often excluded in the past. With support from Oak Foundation, we work in partnership, understanding the urgent need for more collaboration, innovation, and diversity in order to combat this complex and horrific issue.

We recognize the profound impact of leveraging multiple forms of knowledge, including firsthand experiences from the field, lived experience, academic research and administrative data. This dynamic fusion of different forms of knowledge serves as the catalyst for generating new insights, fostering discussions, and igniting actionable solutions.

Together, we are reshaping the future, striving to create a world where every child is shielded from the threat of sexual violence.


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Our vision is a world where every child thrives, free from the threat of sexual violence. We ignite change through community-driven prevention, evidence-informed solutions, and transformative action.


Our mission is to take the lead in eradicating childhood sexual violence by fostering a collaborative platform where stakeholders access, generate, and implement solution-oriented tools and resources firmly rooted in robust evidence and real-world insights. Through innovation, inclusive engagement, and effective knowledge sharing, we aim to spark transformative change and build a safer future for all children.

Our pillars of work


1. Redefining knowledge (promoting diversity and collaboration)

Our approach begins with redefining knowledge, emphasizing diversity and collaboration across sectors, combining practical experience, other forms of knowledge with academic insights. By prioritizing stakeholder input, we ensure that our initiatives are demand-driven, aligning evidence with the real needs of the CSV prevention community. We aim to bridge global inequalities in knowledge production and exchange, particularly between high-income and low- and middle-income countries, by developing user-friendly resources and fostering better communication and collaboration among stakeholders.

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2. Building knowledge (generating evidence for change)

Our commitment to fostering new knowledge for impactful change centers on addressing critical evidence gaps while embracing inclusivity as a catalyst for progress. We are dedicated to curating high-quality, timely evidence related to CSV by integrating scientific research, practical insights, and user research. We challenge existing power dynamics within knowledge production by forging inclusive partnerships with local communities and organizations, ensuring culturally attuned evidence generation. We also expand the evidence base by championing practice-based wisdom, harmoniously integrating it with scientific research to unlock actionable insights. Our user-centered research, rooted in diverse lived realities, informs our innovative approach, enriching our knowledge base with perspectives that drive meaningful change.

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3. Mobilizing knowledge (driving change through accessible engagement)

Our goal is to mobilize knowledge for action and influence by making evidence- and practice-based knowledge accessible to diverse audiences. We collaborate with stakeholders to translate knowledge into practical tools and products that are context-appropriate and user-friendly. We acknowledge the obstacles stakeholders face in accessing evidence, such as high costs, language barriers, and accessibility issues, and work to overcome these challenges. Language justice and cultural diversity are at the heart of our efforts to ensure that our products have global relevance.

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