Out Of The Shadows Index and Report

The Out of the Shadows Index is a benchmarking index developed by the Economist Intelligence Unit to cast a spotlight on how 40 countries are addressing sexual violence against children.

The Out of the Shadows Index does not attempt to measure the scale of the problem in each country and does not provide information on the prevalence of sexual violence against children. Rather, it serves as a tool to show how child sexual abuse and exploitation are being prioritized at the national level, highlighting areas for advancement against the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which include a target to end all forms of violence against children by 2030 (SDG 16.2).

An overview of key findings of the index and additional research conducted in its development include the following:

• Child sexual abuse and exploitation are ubiquitous and pressing concerns for both wealthy and poor countries alike

• Data to measure and understand the scale of the problem are lacking

• Girls are the primary victims, and boys are overlooked

• Social norms and attitudes toward sex, sexuality, and gender matter

• Country action has been most pronounced on the legal framework, while performance varies greatly on government commitment and capacity

• Combating child sexual abuse and exploitation is becoming a priority in many countries, and progress is possible even in the face of limited resources

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