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Tom Krumins

Chief of Staff, Brave Movement

Tom Krumins serves as the Chief of Staff for the Brave Movement – a public survivor advocate helping to build the global movement to end childhood sexual violence. He is committed to advancing trauma-informed solutions through policy, education, and community mobilization.

A visionary civic entrepreneur, Tom believes in developing new and innovative organizational models that encourage positive change in society. He has gained vast experience and a proven track record of success across multiple fields, including medical education, behavioral health, prison reentry, hospice care, entrepreneurship, grassroots coalition-building, political campaigns, cash relief programs, and nonprofit advocacy.

As a survivor of childhood sexual violence within the Boy Scouts, Tom is uniquely positioned to understand the needs of survivors and the importance of advocacy at the individual, organizational, and systemic levels. He uses his deep knowledge of the trauma survivors face and the institutional barriers they encounter to educate, inform, and create change. Tom has shared his story and insights openly with national media outlets, international training programs, documentarians, and a newsletter series.

Tom's unique combination of personal experience, professional accomplishments, and out-of-the-box approach make him an empathetic and effective leader in the fight against childhood sexual violence

When he isn't working, Tom enjoys performing stand-up and improvisational comedy in Greenville, South Carolina -- successfully entertaining tens of people since 2017. Tens!

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