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The Rwanda Ministry of Health leads the implementation of the VACS with funding from International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and in-kind contributions from UNICEF Rwanda and CDC. Rwanda also plans to conduct a qualitative study with Rwandan children and youth with physical disabilities to understand how violence might uniquely impact their lives.

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For an overview of the data found in Rwanda’s Violence Against Children Survey, download the Rwanda one-pager factsheet.


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Key highlights include:


Nearly 1/4 of girls experienced sexual violence in childhood. 


Almost 1/3 said their first experience of sexual intercourse was physically forced or coerced.


Nearly 50% of girls who experienced physically forced or coerced sex before age 18 became pregnant.

60% of boys experienced physical violence, 17% experienced emotional violence and 10% experienced sexual violence in childhood.



Only 1/3 of boys who experienced sexual violence told someone about it.

Download the report:

2018 - Violence Against Children in Rwanda: Findings from a 2015-16
National Survey

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Rwanda is currently in the process of developing its response plan. Check back for more progress updates.

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Partners are currently working to prevent and respond to violence through advocacy and public awareness efforts. Stay tuned for updates!

Rwanda Partners:

Bilateral and Multilateral Organizations: UNICEF Rwanda, CDC, International Development Research Centre.


Government: Ministry of Health/Rwanda Biomedical Research Center, Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion/National Commission of Children, Ministry of Local Government, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Education, Rwanda National Police, University of Rwanda, National Council of Persons with Disabilities


Non-Government: Haguruka and World Vision


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