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Toward a safer tomorrow TfG Impact report
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Together for Girls Impact Report 2022-2023

This report highlights two years of impact in collaboration with our global partners in our mission to create a safer tomorrow for all children and adolescents.

Power of Data to Action
This report was supported by USAID's HEARD Project, USAID, CUNY SPH, Implementation Science Collaborative, Together for Girls, and URC.
Technical reports

The power of Data to Action: Country experiences and lessons following Violence Against Children and Youth Surveys

This resource provides evidence that VACS data and associated processes contribute to meaningful policy change and action to end violence against children and adolescents and gender-based violence.

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Stakeholder Report 2021
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Building a Safer World: Stakeholder Report 2019-2021

This report highlights three pivotal years of global collaboration as a partnership, generating quality data, raising awareness of solutions, and galvanizing change.

What works to prevent sexual violence against children: Evidence review
Policy briefs

What works to prevent sexual violence against children: Evidence review

Together for Girls, in partnership with The Equality Institute and the Oak Foundation, undertook a systematic review of proven solutions and best practices to prevent and respond to sexual violence against children and young people.

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INSPIRE report
Technical reports

INSPIRE: Seven strategies for ending violence against children

Building on growing evidence that violence against children is preventable, these evidence-based strategies support countries and communities to intensify their focus on prevention programmes and services in order to reduce violence against children.

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Together for Girls stakeholder report 2015-2016
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Breaking the Cycle of Violence: Stakeholder report 2015-2016

Read about key results in our three pillars of work: data, action, and advocacy. The report showcases partnership progress to create a safer world for every child, adolescent, and young person.

Injury prevention bmj journal
VACS journal articles

Violence Against Children Surveys (VACS): towards a global surveillance system

This research briefing describes the contribution VACS have made to the global understanding of violence against children.