Young Heroes Session in progress
Sinovuyo participant listening to the Economic Strengthening Facilitators during a session. Credit: Young Heroes

Young Heroes of Eswatini: How parenting support is helping keep children safe

Young Heroes, an Eswatini-based organization working to protect vulnerable children, is contributing to reducing the prevalence of violence against children and adolescents in the country through their parenting program.

Namibian school children play outside

Project HOPE focuses on ending childhood violence through schools in Namibia

Powered by data, an upcoming national initiative aims to create safer schools in order to develop safer communities.

Child holding parent's hand
A child holding their parent's hand

Lifeline/Childline Namibia tackles violence prevention through parenting

The National Parents and Caregivers Strategy draws on VAC data to break cycles of violence in Namibia, one family at a time

LVCT DREAMS Kenya march
Advocating for girls' empowerment one step at a time, Guitethia DREAMS site. Credit: Rebecca Musanga, LVCT Health

From DREAMS to reality: empowering adolescent girls in Kenya

Using data from Kenya's Violence Against Children & Youth Surveys (VACS), LVCT Health Kenya implemented local prevention programs to combat the cycle of HIV and violence for high-risk girls.

Linda, grade 8 student. Image credit: PEPFAR Kenya.

Champions for change

The photo exhibition, “Champions for change”, brings together personal stories showcasing how individual action can lead to a collective and forceful nationwide movement against gender-based violence.

Flovian DREAMS project
Flovian, a participant of PEPFAR's DREAM Programme in Kenya.

Girls with DREAMS

Across Kenya, PEPFAR’s DREAMS partnership is supporting young women to lead safe and healthy lives free from HIV.


SASA! Initiative

An effective intervention focused on community mobilization programs to change attitudes, norms and behaviors with direct intervention at the community level

Safeguarding in sports
Children playing football as part of a UNICEF-supported project for vulnerable children in Maramvya site for internationally displaced people, Bujumbura suburbs. The project implemented by Sport Sans Frontieres, an international NGO, aims to educate through sports activities. Photo: UNICEF/UNI123577/Krzysiek.

International safeguards for children in sport

A prudent intervention on the adoption of safeguarding policies and procedures for child and youth-serving organizations

Stewards of children training sv solutions

Stewards of children training

A prudent intervention providing education and awareness-raising for adults who interact with children.

Families for safe dates program

Families for safe dates

The aim of Families for Safe Dates, a family-based safe dating program, is to motivate and facilitate the conversation between adolescents and their caregivers about dating violence.

A Breeze of Hope

A Breeze of Hope

In the valley of Cochabamba, Bolivia, A Breeze of Hope Foundation is giving an unprecedented, and life-changing, voice of support to victims of childhood sexual violence.

Coaching boys into men

Coaching boys into men

A program that recognizes and encourages coaches' unique position to impact positive attitudes and behaviors, and challenge toxic masculinity