A Breeze of Hope

About the Program

In the valley of Cochabamba, Bolivia, A Breeze of Hope Foundation (ABH) is giving an unprecedented, and life-changing, voice of support to victims of childhood sexual violence. This center is the first of its kind in Bolivia, providing comprehensive services for children and adolescents.

Photo courtesy of A Breeze of Hope.
Photo courtesy of A Breeze of Hope.

ABH ensures access to physical and psychological health services, as well as legal assistance. Founded by activist and survivor Brisa de Angulo, A Breeze of Hope is grounded in the experiences of those who have lived through sexual violence and uses an innovative model aligned with global best practices.

ABH pursues three broad goals:

  1. Restoring the rights and lives of child survivors of sexual violence: ABH offers professional psychological support, comprehensive legal accompaniment, and wide-ranging social services to survivors and their families.
  2. Preventing sexual violence: ABH shifts social norms and laws that enable sexual violence by educating communities, working for public policy reform, and advocating for the protection of human rights.
  3. Promoting healthy childhood development: ABH breaks the generational cycle of violence by advancing a positive, non-violent, feminist, and rights-based vision to nurture children into healthy adulthood.
Photo courtesy of A Breeze of Hope.
Photo courtesy of A Breeze of Hope.

This comprehensive model of care, legal assistance, and prevention has generated significant results for Bolivian young people and their families, who are able to use ABH services free of charge.

Most notably, since its founding in 2004 through 2016, ABH has done the following: 

  • Achieved and maintained a conviction rate of 96% in the oral trials in which they have participated, as compared to the 2% conviction rate before ABH existed
  • Provided free, comprehensive services to more than 1,500 victims of child and adolescent sexual violence
  • Trained more than 100,000 participants in conferences, workshops, and postgraduate courses
  • Created the Youth Network Against Sexual Violence in 2016, in which young people themselves lead advocacy and media outreach, as well as peer-to-peer contact at schools, community events, and fairs
Brisa De Angulo, founder and CEO of A Breeze of Hope Foundation.
Brisa De Angulo, founder and CEO of A Breeze of Hope Foundation.
Photo courtesy of A Breeze of Hope.
Photo courtesy of A Breeze of Hope.

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This spotlight was pulled from “What Works to Prevent Sexual Violence Against Children,” a systematic review of proven solutions and best practices to prevent and respond to sexual violence against children and youth (SVAC). The review was completed in collaboration with a group of experts and allied organizations and highlights evidence-based solutions from around the world. Read the whole set of #SVSolutions Program Spotlights here.

Program Overview

  • Organization: A Breeze of Hope
  • Strategy: Response & Support Services
  • Intervention: Child protection systems and associated response systems (e.g., health sector, education sector, social welfare, child protection services)
  • Ranking: This intervention is categorized as PRUDENT
  • Location: Bolivia
  • Age Group: All
  • Gender: All

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