Global Education Summit: Financing GPE 2021-2025

Key speakers:

On July 28-29, the Global Education Summit: Financing GPE 2021-2025 will take place. Co-hosted by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, the summit will be a key moment for the global community to come together and support quality education for all children.

The summit will help children access safe education by providing an opportunity for leaders to make five-year pledges to support the Global Partnership for Education's (GPE) work, helping transform education systems in up to 90 countries and territories around the world for more than one billion girls and boys.

During the summit, youth leaders, heads of states, GPE partners, teachers, donors, and more will exchange best practices, discuss the latest evidence, and learn from what works in other sectors in order to chart a way forward to build back better education systems.

Dr. Daniela Ligiero, Together for Girls CEO and Executive Director, will also speak at the summit on July 28th at 9AM EST, discussing how global advocacy efforts are essential for changing gender norms and reducing school-related gender-based violence.

Event details

28th July 2021 - 29th July 2021
Global Education Summit 21_Gender equality in and through education speakers