Yurub 1 dreams project kenya
Kenyan DREAMS Programme participant, Yorub. Photo courtesy of PEPFAR Kenya.
Kenyan DREAMS Programme participant, Yorub. Photo courtesy of PEPFAR Kenya.

Girls with DREAMS: Yorub

20th October 2020


Yorub lives in Korogocho with her sister. Korogocho is a slum located on government land in the densely populated Eastland’s area of Nairobi, it is the fourth largest slum after Kibera and Mathare.

It is 1.5 square kilometres packed with a population of approximately 200,000. Most of the buildings and homes are made of old ‘mabati’ (iron sheets) and other recycled materials.

Poverty and unemployment are high, with many depending on small informal trades, including sex work. Crime, alcohol, drugs, and substance, abuse are prevalent.

Yurub 2 dreams project kenya
Yorub gets ready for the day. Photo courtesy of PEPFAR Kenya.

After her mother died, Yorub started living with her aunt. It was difficult raising school fees and many times, she stayed at home due to the lack of fees.

Through a DREAMS program which paid her school fees, she completed high school. Yorub continued with the program after high school.

Yurub 3 dreams project kenya
Yorub at work on the customer service desk. Photo courtesy of PEPFAR Kenya.

Yorub completed an employability training program and was eventually linked to a youth job placement agency.

She won an award for Best Customer Service staff at the largest shopping complex in Kenya.

"I'm now the breadwinner of my family."

Yurub 4 kenya dreams project
Pouring her younger brother’s hot tea from one cup into the other to cool it off. Photo courtesy of PEPFAR Kenya.
Yurub 5 kenya dreams project
Most people pay for their clothes to be washed. Yorub washes her own on her street as she chats with her neighbors. Photo courtesy of PEPFAR Kenya.

Girls with DREAMS

This profile is taken from the PEPFAR Kenya “Our Lens Sauti Zetu (Our Voices)” photo book — a compilation of images captured by DREAMS girls highlighting their own stories.

The following DREAMS girls were the eyes behind the lens and beautifully captured the stories of the young women featured in the project: Dorcas Akinyi Onyango, Agnes Wanjiru Mugure, Flovian Atieno, Faith Akumu, Francisca Ndinda, Effie Awino, Fatuma Lando, Dorothy Oyuga, Linet Odira, Hellen Atieno.

Text and images from “Our Lens Sauti Zetu (Our Voices)” are used with permission from PEPFAR Kenya. Learn more about Girls with DREAMS.