Together for Girls Annual Reports

The Together for Girls’ public-private partnership model is designed to promote coordination and leverage resources from partner organizations, including government, United Nations, and private sector entities, as well as other generous donors. Contributions to the partnership are channeled through several mechanisms, depending on which activities the funds are intended to support.


At least $20 million worth of resources are contributed to the partnership work each year, and more than $100 million of direct and in-kind resources have been leveraged to achieve Together for Girls’ partnership goals since its inception in 2009.


The majority of the funds to support the overall partnership work are transferred internally within partner organizations – and are accounted for through their audited financial statements – or partnership work is undertaken directly by partners. In addition, the CDC Foundation, the United Nations Foundation and the U.S. Fund for UNICEF have received and administered funds that support partnership activities.

Together for Girls, Inc. – a 501(c)(3) entity – was also established to enable funding from individuals and organizations for the Together for Girls partnership and its coordinating body (the secretariat) and reduce costs associated with the use of fiduciary and fiscal agents. Together for Girls, Inc. is governed by a board of directors, which has fiduciary responsibility for the 501(c)(3) entity and supports its fundraising and communications efforts. Together for Girls, Inc. is responsible for all secretariat operating costs, including staffing.


Since 2017, Together for Girls, Inc. has sought an independent audit of its financial statements. These audited statements are linked below along with the organization’s most recent 990 federal tax form filings.

View the Together for Girls Stakeholder Reports for key results in our three pillars of work: data, action, and advocacy. The reports showcase Together for Girls partnership progress over the past 10 years and highlight efforts to create a safer world for every child, adolescent, and young person.

Together for Girls Stakeholder Report 2021

Building a Safer World

Stakeholder Report 2021 V9.2 Page 01 - Together for Girls Annual Reports

Together for Girls Stakeholder Report 2018

Strength in Numbers

Stakeholder Report Cover 232x300 - Together for Girls Annual Reports

Together for Girls Stakeholder Report 2016

Breaking the Cycle of Violence

tfg 2016 stakeholder report sized 2 - Together for Girls Annual Reports