Honduras Data-to-Policy Fellowship

VACS UPDATE MEETING - Honduras Data-to-Policy Fellowship


Participants at a Honduras VACS meeting on March 20, 2018. Photo courtesy of Gustavo Bardales.


National leaders, especially governments, play a crucial role in the data-to-action process. To support national engagement across sectors, Together for Girls is piloting a Data-to-Policy Fellowship in Honduras, the first Latin American country to complete a Violence Against Children Survey (VACS).


The Data-to Policy Fellowship was created in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) with funds from the World Bank Sexual Violence Research Initiative Award. The Fellowship is part of Together for Girls’ broader effort to strengthen national capacity, promote evidence-based policies to address violence in childhood and support governments undergoing the VACS initiative.


In the Honduras pilot, the Data-to-Policy Fellow is Gustavo Bardales, the director of the Safer Municipalities Program of the Sub-Secretary of Security in Prevention, the lead ministry of the VACS initiative for Honduras. Last month, Bardales (in collaboration with the International Organization on Migration, USAID and CDC) convened a progress meeting on the VACS initiative in Honduras. More than 40 individuals attended, representing the government, civil society, multilaterals and youth.


Throughout the fellowship, Bardales will continue to engage the multi-sectoral task force through regular meetings focused on using VACS data to set priorities, design programs and improve violence prevention policy. Thus far, the TfG Data-to-Policy Fellowship in Honduras has enriched the VACS initiative, improved stakeholder engagement and will ensure a stronger commitment by all those involved.


For more information about the fellowship program, read our guest post on the World Bank blog, “Data for policy: Building a culture of evidence-based policies to address violence against children.”


Note: Honduras completed data collection in 2017 and the VACS report is forthcoming.