Spotlight Tanzania: Recognizing #SafeHeroes

Here’s to the every day #SafeHeroes. 

It has been a monumental year in the violence prevention space. While we have seen some incredible progress, we have also faced some frustrating setbacks. This year, to commemorate the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, it’s important to remember the incredible work that we often don’t hear about, but that is happening every day in communities around the world to break the cycle of violence.

Our team recently got to see this work first-hand while traveling to Tanzania. There we met amazing individuals and organizations who are working tirelessly across sectors on violence prevention and response. From a forward-looking UNICEF child protection officer to a courageous young survivor turned DREAMS Ambassador, from a tireless community advocate to a doctor working in a one-stop center, these unsung heroes show us that tackling global problems starts with individual action.

These stories offer us hope and remind us that we all have a role to play in helping end violence against children and youth. Let these heroes serve as inspiration for us all to keep working each and every day toward a safer world.

  • Meet Janisa: A talented young hairdresser and PEPFAR DREAMS Ambassador who is inspiring and educating others in her community.
  • Visit KIWOHEDE: Justa “Mama J” Mwaituka and her co-founders created Kiota Women’s Health and Development as a safe “nest” for vulnerable Tanzanian youth.
  • Meet Janeth & Hancy: Two gender activists fighting for justice for survivors of sexual violence with WAJIKI, a community non-profit and refuge in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
  • Visit Kigamboni Community Centre: Four friends banded together to break the cycle of violence for the next generation.
  • Meet Ahmed: A UNICEF Child Protection Specialist is working to end violence against children in Zanzibar, Tanzania.
  • Visit the Mbeya Police Gender Desk: Police Gender Desks in Mbeya, Tanzania, are increasing reporting of sexual violence and helping survivors access timely care.
  • Visit the Mnazi Mmoja One Stop Centre: The first-of-its-kind in Zanzibar, the center is a place where survivors can quickly and safely access post-rape care.
  • Meet Enesi & Oliver: Two young, empowered mothers who overcame violence in order to take charge of their lives and advocate for others through the PEPFAR DREAMS program
  • Meet Upendo: Overcoming a childhood plagued by violence, Upendo is now working to break the cycle of violence as a PEPFAR DREAMS Ambassador.